exclusive offer: FREE 7 day VIP Pass at Formula 3 Fitness!

(1) 7 Days of Training FREE - Includes Unlimited "Formula 3" Small Group Classes!


What We're Offering


Our New Client ONLY Special Offer (Meaning if you have never been into the studio before, this is for YOU).  


7 Days of Unlimited Training...

Your 7 day program includes any class on our schedule (see HERE)  So any of our Small Group Training Classes!


This is High Intensity Interval Training at its finest. We offer a total conditioning program using bodyweight movements, free weights, Assault Bikes, resistance bands, and more. You and a handful of fun people will be working out together—and you'll still get plenty of personalized attention. It really feels like you have a personal trainer... with the benefit of some other cool people cheering you on.

In these training sessions clients work with a Formula 3 Success Coach who demonstrates progressions, implements proper regressions, instructs and motivates you through 45 minutes of high intensity training.

YES, you read that right again in ONLY 45 minutes a day you can get healthy, strong, lean, and sexy if you give us your 100% effort!

This class is exciting & dynamic with high metabolic drills with massive calorie expenditure. Experience the personal attention and results of a personal trainer combined with the low price and fun atmosphere of an individualized group class.

Men and Women of all ages and abilities are welcome.

About Us

Our classes are smaller, so it really feels like you still have a personal trainer with a few friends mixed in. This format allows for lots of coaching, modifications, and more time and space to make the workout individual.  We're proud to say that we focus on camaraderie, support, community, and friendship - not competition and intimidation.  

The Fine Print

  • Limit 1 per person.
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • New Clients Only!!

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