Refer A Friend

Help your friends/family try out Formula 3 Fitness for FREE!

Refer them here and show them what has helped you become fitter, stronger and healthier! When they see how much fun you have with fitness, we are sure your friends will love the community. When they become a member, you get $50 off your next monthly payment!!!

How awesome is that!?!

All you have to do is fill out the form and someone will be in contact with them asap!

It can be extremely rewarding when you are the person who is helping someone else reach their health and fitness goals, especially if at one point you were someone who struggled. Many times if you are actually responsible for helping others along, you’ll hold yourself more accountable as well!



refer a friend

Because you need to catch up. The days can be hectic and sometimes it’s hard to make time for your friends and family, and if you are like us, schedules don’t always sync up. That being said, everyone should be making time in their schedule for workouts. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

You’ll get hooked up! You can earn $50 off your membership dues for each buddy that signs up!

You’ll have someone to discuss your soreness with. Sometimes the day after a great workout, you just want to let someone else know how sore you are. Now that you’ve gotten your friend in to experience the workout with you, you’ve got someone who can feel your pain!

You are making the world a better place. Sometimes you’ve got that friend that really needs to get back into the gym. It may just take a simple nudge from you for them to join you that will push them. If they seem somewhat interested, but can’t come out the first time you invite them, don’t give up. Keep inviting them, but maybe be sure you are also inviting other friends as well so that they don’t feel singled out.

Whatever your reason for dragging a friend to your next workout is, we hope you keep doing it. Hiding your favorite workouts from your friends just isn’t fair to them! 😉